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Happy New Year 2018


Hello Friends ! We are Sharing Here a Great Collection of Happy New Year 2018 Wishes, Quotes, SMS, Imaegs, Shayari & Wallpapers. So, Don't Waste You Time & Check Out Our Collection of Happy New Year 2018.

Happy New Year 2018



  • It'S Time To Forget The Past And Celebrate A New Beginning. Happy New Year.
  • May All The Expectations And Goals For Each Day Be Fulfilled On The Day Itself!
  • It'S Another Year. May Your Dreams Become True And May God Pour Love And Care For You.
  • As The New Year Dawns, I Hope It Gets Filled With The Promises Of A Brighter Tomorrow. Happy New Year
  • Wish You Have A Year Even Better Than The Best And Put Smiles On The Faces Of Everyone You Come Across.
  • Let This New Year Give You All The Strength And Courage To Win Over Your Vices And Enhance Your Virtues.
  • Life Is An Accessible Diary Filled With Empty Pages Waiting For You. Fill Them Up With Your Story As You Go.
  • Dear Friend, On This Joyous Occasion Of New Year, Cherish Our Memories And Feel The Warmth Of My Wishes. Happy New Year!
  • Hope You Scatter Joy And Happiness Wherever You Go All 365 Days Of The Upcoming Year And Get The Same In Return. Happy New Year To You!
  • To My Awesome Friend; Thank You For Fun, And Sometimes Embarrassing Memories We Share. Let'S Keep That Tradition Going In The Upcoming Year.
  • To Put An End To Something Old, We Have To Start A Thing New, Wishing You With A Joy-Filled Heart Though The Words Here Are Few. A Very Happy New Year!
  • May You Be Blessed Enough To Spend This New Year With Your Parents, Friends, Loved Ones. Be Grateful And You Will Have Only Good Things Come Your Way. Happy 2018!
  • Every New Year Gives You The Perfect Chance To Start Something New And Fresh. So Do Your Bit This Year And Make The World A Better Place For Yourself And Others. Happy New Year 2018!


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Happy Diwali 2017


I Am Here Again Guys With You To Share A Amazing Another Style Of Wishing Diwali To Your Friends And Mate , Family Dear Sweet Friends Or Girl Friend. So Diwali Is Festival Of Crackers And Completely Fulfilled With Joy And Happiness So We Should Need To Increase It'S Sweetness By Sending Happy Diwali Greetings Cards 2017. In This Year Many Advanced People Are Hereby But You Should Try Your Best And Awesome Method To Wish Deepavali With Greeting Cards .


I Know You Are Searching For Deepavali/Deepawali Greetings 2017 Here I Am Sharing With You So Don'T Worry Dear Guys Let'S Check Below Given Some Card And Quotes With Greetings .


It Is Time To Feel Good,
Time 4 Reunion,
Time 2 Share Happiness,
Time To Feel Being Loved,
Time 2 Show Ur Love,
Time 2 Live For Others And
Time To Wish For Peace.
Happy Diwali


For This, Is A Special Time When Familyand Friends Get Together, For Fun.
Wishing Amusement And Fun To Cheer Your Days,
In This Diwali Festive Season.
Happy Deepavali


A Festival Full Of Sweet Memories,
Sky Full Of Fireworks,
Mouth Full Of Sweets,
House Full Of Diyas And Heart Full Of Enjoyment.


Happy Diwali Greetings 2017 (Cards,Images)




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So This Was My Little Collection Of Diwali Greetings Of 2017 Sowait And Scroll More Posts Here You Will Find Mostly All Things About Diwali And Celebrate This Year Happy Deepavali With Joy And Enjoy.





Friendship is a feeling of love and affection of one person for another. This feeling of love must be reciprocated. Otherwise friendship cannot be possible. Friendship does not exist where tastes, feelings and sentiments are not similar.

The famous essayist Bacon has warned against the friendship between a very rich person and a very poor person. Economic disparity damages friendship. Thus friendship is a feeling of affection between two likeminded persons of uniform status.


It is said that a friend in need is a friend in deed. There may be many friends at the time of prosperity. But most of them desert at the time of adversity. We can examine the sincerity of a friend during our time of hardship and trouble. Only a sincere and faithful friend remains with us at the time of our trouble. All others leave us. It is very painful when our friends turn traitors.

Money is an enemy of friendship. Everybody has an attraction for money. When lending or borrowing of money is done between two friends, there is great risk. Friendship may be affected. So it is wise for true friends to avoid monetary transaction. Vanity is another element which breaks friendship. Everybody has self-respect. When a person tries to criticise his friend, their friendship is affected. So friendship must be treated very delicately.


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Very often some hypocrites pretend to be friends. They are more dangerous than avowed enemies. By telling soft words they bring enormous ruin to us. A true friend never exploits. He rather surrenders. But at present, the meaning of friendship has changed.


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There are many fair-weathered friends. They terminate their friendly tie as soon as their interests are fulfilled. It is very difficult to find a true friend today. It is better to establish true friendship with either a dog or an elephant. Both these beasts will remain faithful to their human friends. Today, friendship between two persons is short-lived.


Good friends exercise good influence. They always help their friends, in distress and inspire them to walk on the right path. But evil friends ruin us completely.

Friendship is something which is important for everyone and we humans are in a need of it. And whether the person is 5, 15 or 50 year old, everyone, and in every stage of life need a friend. And everyone has a friend in every stage of life but only lucky one has the same friend in every stage of life. Friendship can not be described in words, it is something which is can only be felt.
And to celebrate such a wonderful relation( I know everyday with friends is special) but still you need a day where you can actually name a day and make your friends feel special. And it is usually celebrated on first Sunday of August, which is considered a national holiday. This year it will be celebrated on 2nd August. And this festival is basically celebrated by tying a friendship band on your friends wrist, and exchanging gifts, partying and a lot more.

Friendship day was originally founded by Hallmark in 1919. It was intended to be celebrated as a day for people to celebrate their friendship by sending each other cards, gifts, but by 1940 the market had started to dry up, and eventually it died out completely. However, in 1998 Winnie the Pooh was named the world’s Ambassador of Friendship at the United Nations and in April 2011 the United Nations officially recognized 30th July as International Friendship Day; although most countries, including India, celebrate on the first Sunday of August!

As a social event friendship day is celebrated with parties, from a small gathering of friends to a gathering of “your friends“ and “their friends”. In other words the celebration can get very huge, as people start joining you and your friends. Now a days a lot of social parties are also being organized.


Friendship is the most valuable relationship in the life of a person instead of having many important things in life. No one of us has complete and satisfied life if we lack faithful friendship. Everyone needs a good and loyal friend to share bad or good life events, enjoy happy moments and share unbearable events of the life. A good and balanced human interaction is very necessary for the survival of everyone.


Good friends share each other’s emotions or sentiments which bring feeling of well being and mental satisfaction. A friend is a person whom one can know deeply, like and trust forever. Instead of being some similarity in the nature of two persons involved in the friendship, they have some different traits but they need each other without changing their uniqueness. Generally, friends motivate each other without criticizing but sometimes good friends criticize to bring some positive changes in each other.


A true friendship is the most precious gift of the life of persons involved in it. A person is called very lucky having true friends in his/her life. True friendship gives us memorable, sweet and pleasant experiences of many types in the life. Friendship is the most precious asset of one’s life which he/she never wants to lose. True friendship leads two or more persons involved in it towards success without any demotion in life. Searching a best friend is not an easy process, sometimes we get success and sometimes we lose because of misunderstandings to each other.


Friendship is a devoted feeling of love to which we can share anything about our life and care for each other always. A friend is someone who understands and appreciates other one without any exaggeration. True friends never becomes greedy to each other instead they want to give something better to each other in life. There are any boundaries or differentiations of age, caste, race, creed and sex exist between them. They know the realities of each other and live satisfactorily by helping each other.


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Human is a social being and cannot live alone; he/she needs someone to share his/her feelings of joy or sorrow. Generally, a successful friendship exists between persons of same age, character and background. Friends are the loyal support for each other who aimlessly support during bad moments of life.


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